For our TM6 customers: Become a host and earn an extra TM6 mixing bowl!

We are offering demos in compliance with the rules of social distancing and all legal and social obligations of Covid-19. 


There is the following promo:


For those who organise a basic demonstration at a customer's/hostess' home with 3 invitees from different domiciles present, the hostess/hostess will receive during the month of July THE CHOICE between either gift vouchers OR BOTH:


1 sale: hostess/host can buy TM6 mixing bowl for 100 euros


At 2 sales: host can buy TM6 mixing bowl at 50 euro


At 3 sales: hostess/host gets TM6 mixing bowl for FREE


Don't hesitate and contact us or use the link below to organise a demonstration at your home.  






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