Homemade butter

On Cookidoo I found two recipes for butter made from fresh cream. You get buttermilk as a by-product and that's what you need as an ingredient for all kinds of goodies in the home bakery.


The butter stays in the fridge for at least three weeks to a month. The resulting buttermilk is created by separating (churning) the butter from the (acidified) cream. You can freeze it if you are not going to use it within a week.

Carmen Cremades


  • 600g pure cream 

    500g chilled water


  1. 1. Insert butterfly whisk. Place the pure cream into the mixing bowl. Beat 1-3 min/speed 4, or until solids and liquids have separated. Remove butterfly whisk.
  2. 2. Use the simmering basket to strain liquids from solids. You can reserve the buttermilk (liquids) forlater use, if you like
  3. 3. Place the water and the butter solids into mixing bowl and mix 6-10 sec/speed 4. Liquids and solids should be separated again.
  4. 4. Use the simmering basket again and strain liquids from solids a second time, so that only butter remains. 

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